One Must Read This! Please note that this section of my website is not to question anyone's patriotism or love for India. I am not writing here to change India. I have lived in India as any other ordinary and repsonsible citizen. I have paid my taxes with as much sincerity as you do. I have no interest in politics and I do not support any political party. I surely benefit from progress in India, like you do. In this page I have put together my expression/ opinion/ feelings for the social and government system without in anyway presenting myself as perosn with all the solutions or answers to the problems. I am not a social worker/ reformer/ revolutionary/authority/messiah who knows how India should be run. I am not for or against any institution. You would agree that about 70 years of independence and still millions in india are starving to death, children are mal-nutritioned, uneducated, farmers committing suicide - a huge population earning less than 1$ in a day. If spiritual India is shining then why are millions homless and hungry? Does it not saddens you? How can Indians permit such poverty and inhumane living conditions to its own people? I think we have messed up in our priorities. Therefore I am making this page. These thoughts and art works are randomly prepared, at different time, independent/ unrelated to each other, free flowing thoughts in adhoc way on what is happening around on TV, Newspaper and Internet. A perspective on life in India... Perspectives of an Alive person, an Alive Heart, an Alive Identity, an Alive Imagination, an Alive Brain, an Alive Dream...

Disclaimer: These cartoons are inspired from various news stories/incidents reported in news/media or based on life events in India. It is not in anyway my only opinion or documentary or biography of India or indians. These cartoons are made in good humour, as fiction to recreate and express actual events most of them published in print newspapers and/or available on TV/internet and is in public domain for entertainment purpose. Any event shown in the cartoon should not impute innocense or guilt on any person or group of people. This page is not intend do hurt sentiments and/or malign image of any person, body or country or group of people. Any resemblance is purely conincidental and unintentional, whether living or dead.

"Desk of a Sarkari Babu is a dangerous place, to view the world from!" - An ordinary citizen.

On daily basis we interact with such babus, they have formed a system that runs on aggression, doubt and fear. They think only in terms of reward and punishment, well beyond the way of humanity or the way nature works. They think lip service is sufficient, no action is required. "I told you so..." is their favourite dialouge. Babus label everything as either good or bad, useful to one's needs or non-useful, right or wrong depending on whats good for them. Rule is simple, gain control through fear, abuse or money. Such system when becomes part of culture, it makes impossible for people to feel good about themselves. Such overly slow, insensitive, lathargic and bribery based system of babus, which forcefully put ordinary citizens down in order to prove their authority or monetary gains will only make its own good people wounded up and sad.

Government insitutes are becoming preachers, enforcers of rule and instruction loudspeakers and not outpost of help, support, grace and strength to citizens. Do you think such system become purveyors of social equality, freedom, opportunities or could even perpetuate happiness? Can such system propogate peace, prosperity or progress?

"Online Babu-Bashing No Crime": Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has yet again come to the rescue of common people. A couple posted adverse comments against the police on the Bangalore Police Facebook page. Upset at the Facebook comment, the police officer lodged an FIR against the couple for offences of criminal intimidation and assault. The court ruled that it was a public forum and a commoner had every right to give vent their feelings, and this is not a crime under the law. The court bench quashed the FIR!

Unfortunately, government employees think of themselves as different from the common man. Government and political parties themselves many times confirm and validate this idea for self interest. This has become the biggest handicap to the democracy. A government employees who are expected to do service to the nation are in fact running a parallel economy of black money and bribes in this country, an organized robbery. Therefore giving more rights to government and government employees will only create greater danger for the common man.

Is police not public servant?
Why their intention and action should always be more powerful than common man? Why have they become messengers of fear and punishment? Why should all of them carry guns? Why should they be forgiven for beating ordinary citizens, just because are poor and illiterate? Their income comes from hard working tax payers money and from pocket of VIPs! And their deparment heads speak as if they are angels representing a 24X7 social work organization. A police person should be given double the punishment for harassing the innocent. What do you think?

You dont' need MBA from harvard to figure out what is wrong with India. Some Babus have made entire country corrupt, incompetent and inefficient; their greatest incompetence combined together has made a system through which nothing can be done without bribery. Those babus who think money will do everything may well be suspected of doing anything for money.

Babus illuminate our whole country with the bright light of their politics. Whole country is their chess board perfectly and masterly organized so that it is not possible to do justice or take any implement any government decision without their profit or permission.

Babu giri is not a family but a club of intolerants, where they play games to see who's most evil of them. Often they select the most incompetent and innocent person as their leader or public face so that he could be controlled and goverened by them and by their evil counsil. They have reduced laws to cobwebs, where innocents are trapped, caught, and destroyed for entertainment or additional income.

Their insensitivity to human plight is utterly cruel for their interest is never in peace but in causing pain.

They are the first ones to send their children go abroad or study/live out of india, for they know how wisely they govern india. There is something really crazy and odd about their system that has brought india to such a poor condition!

Babus make war with living as well as the dead people. So quick on passing judgement on others but never willing to recieve one!

Only Babu that cannot bite is the dead one!

Neither the God will pardon Babus, not humanity.

It is upon God that the safety, honour, dignity, wellfare and livelihood of the people of this country are provided.

"I want no letters, no arts, no society, no public interaction but continual fear and danger of violence in your life, so that your life is solitary, nasty, short, poor and brutish."- Sarkari Babu

"You die as a babu, babu giri is the
profession of the government!"

"I invoke irony of Indian Constitution!"- Sarkari Babu

Our Sarkari System considers people as evil,
guilty if acccused; and that police and babus
are angels of truth and justice!

A babu may become a Minister but
he will never be a gentleman, a noble man, a
respectable man, a honest man or a good father!

"In Babugiri there is no heart or head,
my principal is my authority before everything!"

"I want a day when vegetarian food becomes expensive luxary; and blood, whisky and meat so cheap!" - Babu

"People should not think! Create fictional allegations, high idealistic modals to destroy their thinking abilities and creativity of people. Only then they will follow me!"

Sarkari Morality cannot bear much reality!

An Babu always hides his poor work or
incompetence by calling it a 'Duty'!

"I don't trust him. We're friends" - Sarkari Babu

"Until my husband retired, I always felt like living in a Sarkari Office like a peon" - Wife of a Sarkari Babu.

"Democracy by Intelligent discussions is theory,
office politics and talking gossip is practical democracy."

"What do you mean humanity?
There is no importance of human factor in governance!
Government is always Sarkari! Either politicians back our decisions or we'll sack them!"

"If he is not a criminal,
by all means we shall make him one!"

"Anyone working outside a government job is a foriegner. I do not care about him, I do not trust him, he is not useful for me. I only want people whom I can control or who can help me control others with force."

Don't shout at me sarkari babu,
my worst is better than your best!

Babus, would you live forever?
Who will cry when you will die?

Magic of a Sarkari Babu - "Give me a white spotless marble and i'll turn it into a yellow brick".

There is something dead in all sarkari babus,
and that something is humanity.

"Only those government employees work,
who have not yet reached the national standard of incompetence of their counterparts."

"What is past my desk is past my care."

"Dont you dare complain! I have the authority to do much bigger injustice to you. I am only doing a smaller injustice to you, take that as a favor."

"I sanction estabilshed and legal injustice."

"Sentence first, verdict afterwards!"

"Give him a bad name and hang him, simple."

"If there is anyone in India who is untouched
by my incompetence, my insensitivity or my corruption, I beg your pardon."

Three checks in my speech, one to mislead the government, two to mislead public and third to mislead myself!

Babus faithful to their system, remained quiet, and masterfully inactive by non participating in work system.

I work under Government but I live under TV News!

After new government comes to power,
job of babu system is to burn off related old courtcases and records of corruption.

Common man is the bones on which
sarkari babus sharpen their teeth!

"Since I am not been able to find success in my sarkari world, I will take revenge by speaking ill about you and destroying your life and career."

Older Sarkari Babu's declare and orchestrate war,
while it is the youth that must fight and die.

"Sins done in privacy of home are more punishable
than social indecency or public crimes."

"Cut his throat, I want him as a servant for life!"

One chair is a sufficient life for a Sarkari Babu.

"He does not talk or replies my abuse.
Tell people he has a sexual problem!"

"Not taking dowry in his marriage?
There must be some problem with that boy!"

"I do not need a medical degree to give lecture
at length on psychological and medical illnesses"

"What do you mean art and culture? My Sarkari System is India, everything else is whims and fantasy."

"Burn his house, then we'll cook some pancakes
on that fire! Pancakes! My Favourite!"

"My job is to create confusion in life of public, so that you can exercise while moving from one desk to the other, one office to the other, it will be a rewarding spiritual experience for your mind, intution and confidence.... finally you will succumb to the huge sarkari power"

Sarkari Babu to his wife, "I told you to make potato-peas salad as dinner and you have made peas-potato salad! Can't you do just one thing right?! You are good for nothing and say I'm always fighting!

When Sarkari is the problem and problem is sarkari,
Sarkari is not the solution!

“I’m you dad, I’m your father, I’m your mother, I’m your parent, and I will re-parent you.  You’re a child, and you’re bad and you’ve done wrong, and I’m upset with you, and I’m disappointed in you, and I know that you’ve got your reasons and you’ve got your alibis and your stories, but still, I’m disappointed in you.” 
You know why? Because I am Sarkari Babu!

Sarkari Babu issues a notice, "There is some financial activity done by your father and he has not paid income tax for it", . Dear Sir, My father passed away 4 years ago. Sarkari Babu writes again, "There is some financial activity done by your father and he has not paid income tax for it."

Sarkari Babu declares, "No Income tax if your income is less than 2.4Lakhs per annum". "Babu Sahab, I'm unemployed for last 4 years", pleads a jobless man. Sarkari Babu issues a written notice to him, "Submit your income tax return, you have not paid your taxes,"

Father: "Son, Demons, Devils and Bad Spirits Sit on Trees and Plants in the Night time. Do not urinate then." Son: "Really? Where do they go in Day Time?": Father: "In Day time, they work in Sarkari Office!".

"Management? Most of what we call management in Sarkari Office consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done" - Sarkari Babu

"Team Work is a lot of people doing what I say"
- Sarkari Babu

Did you know that Sarkari Babus get allowance for buying condoms from tax payers money?!

Scholar Devinder Sharma points out, "If the 7th Pay Commission is to be believed, of the 198 total allowances they used to get, 108 allowances have been retained and enhanced. This includes an allowance for hair cutting for CRPF employees, and also an allowance for family planning which basically means an allowance for buying condoms. Employees will receive an increase of 63 per cent in allowances." Click here for News Item in Deccan Herald Or Click here for blog of Devinder Sharma




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