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3M drives innovation with the statement that “Our real business is solving problems”.  American Express wants to provide “Heroic Customer Service”.  Boeing wants to be “On the leading edge of aeronautics, being pioneers’.  Johnson and Johnson exists to “Alleviate pain and suffering”.  Disney seeks “Continuous progress through creativity, dreams and imagination” and Sony wants to “Be a pioneer, not by following others but by doing the impossible”. To achieve such BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), we need to innovate, that is think of new ideas and experiments which can help us achieve such goals. Following are my key personal initiatives that attempt to design good future of humanity through a positive social culture using technology and interactive fiction.

For M/s Reviving Humanity (2012)
A magazine by the family, for the family and of the family. Magazine is focused on God, Family and Young people. Content of the magazine is divided into six sections. Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Mummy, Gan-son and Grand-daughter. Everyone is writing either about their own age group or for the other members of the family. A personalized virtual family for every house, every family member. Interviews of respected scholars, psychologist, philosophers and achievers on issues related to family, faith and young people. Magazine gives knowledge/information on all major religions including and not limited to Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism. For more information, please click here.
in "God Bless Our Home" Magazine, For M/s Reviving Humanity (2012)
"God Bless Our Home" is a family bible, a common book for all family members. These currency notes were part of the family magazine. Objective is to promote peace, love and happiness in families who are reading this magazine, a part of our happy family movement. A family tender which will help build loving relationships, better understanding and trust among family members of all ages. It supports the idea of global citizenship, revives the spirit of humanity and love; and that world is one big family. Family members, especially young children will specially enjoy earning and encash hugs, kisses and smiles from other family members.
Self Study, (2009-12)

When a company proudly claims that is 50 years old, it may be good news to have such financial stability, it is also a warning that it is most likely that their work methods, systems and procedures are probably as old as 1950 model old generation car, with all sorts of maintenance problems and outdated business thinking.  Competence of Indian Government Enterprises is often not tested because they have no competition. And when there is, they use excuse of socialism or lack of salaries and continue to work the same way they did 45 years ago.  Whether it is their reports, office infrastructure, presentations, criterias of evaluation, method of data collection, decision making metrices - Answer is always the same, we've always been doing it like this, time tested old ways are the best. They do not want to fix anything, because nothing is broken. Anything new or creative or improvement is unnecessary headache. I've observed that lack of creativity is often the biggest factor limiting their organizational potential and working brains.  Creativity and Innovation should not appear as dark or untouchable or uneducated to Indian government enterprises. They must move forward and re-educate themselves with latest fresh perspectives and new ideas or ways of doing things.   Look at the basic question ---- Games are for winning, Dance and Music are for Performance, Surgery is for Healing and what is government enterprises for? They are instruments for making collective social progress?  They must contribute positively to common good through their responsible initiatives.  With this perspective, I worked at my own time to inspire creativity and introduce new thinking into an engineering consultancy firm I worked with.  A public sector enterprise that wants to be a global leader in field of construction engineering consultancy. Can employees make this dream come true or How can their management do it? Employees will ask what does it have for me? Does a PSU work culture fosters such growth? Necessary ingredients for such culture would be Creativity, Intelligent Work System, Out-Of-The-Box Thinking, Innovation and perhaps we cannot ignore the Desi Jugaad methods. But to create a better PSU that can take government enterprise to world leadership needs a rejuvinated spirit of organizational methods, governance and decision making. Edward de Bono says, “Definition of Creativity is Unexpected Effectiveness!” For an engineer to understand Creativity is as difficult as for an artist to understand engineering; I ignited creative thinking, spirit of optimism, good thinking, engineering, common passion for the goal, through a visually language on every work station of the company through computer desktop wallpapers, letters, post cards, new management philosophy received every morning through e-cards that uses less words but presents what is logical, simple, memorable, easily understood and give an emphatic impression of new thinking.   Aiming to organizing people in one direction, by offering a hope, a vision, a sense of common belief to work for a better society.  To uplift an old work culture into a new one can use wisdom of past and hope of future by bridging the inter-generational gaps within the organization.  A thinking that brings together intelligence quotient, physical, emotional quotient, moral quotient and professional ethics quotient into cubical maze. You will find efforts on these, project planning and management, progress reporting and many more related issues in my documents below.

Please Click here to review my 24 key documents, presentations and letters on corporate governance and innovation in management to rejuvenating Engineers of India - to make EIL a world level consultancy, which also represents India's aspirations to reach top of the world! These documents include (but are not limited to) Evaluation of Project Planning and Project Management Methods, Systemic Improvement of Department I worked in, Organizational challenges pertaining to cross-cultural issues, Future challenges of the organization, Marketing Practices, Visual Literacy and Graphical Reports, Challenges for the organization, Becoming an International Asset, Work Culture, Organization Design and Design Engineering and Project Reporting. Prior to reading above section, one must read following:

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For Vidya Sanskar International School for Holistic Learning, NCR Delhi. (2008)
40 Key Documents: Please Click here to see my documents, presentations and letters on school management and theme based innovation in school governance. Overview: To review my Consultancy Report, detailing management challenges and proposed solutions for Vidya Sanskar International School, Please Click here.
For Vidya Sanskar International School for Holistic Learning, NCR Delhi. (2008)
Knowledge Currency or "Vidya" is an example of social and ethical incenstive in student's life at school. Instead of using staples of fear and punishment, students are rewarded these attractive collectible curency notes on the basis of their academic, sports, co-curriculuar, punctuality, appropriate dressing, helping others, act of kindness or thoughtful actions - in short words no good action goes unrewarded. In a measurable, interactive, educated and practical way teachers impart human values, leadership qualities, holistic learning in school campus. These can be redeemed in terms Extra vacation, candies, school stationary items, collectible items, mugs, pen, pencil etc. Such system is an evidence that your school has a desire to build a learning culture and in many ways re-define relationship between student and teachers by propelling everyone towards nobility. Magic of "Vidya" that can also be unique good marketing tool - Creating better education by better thinking!
Details of Knowledge Currency (Vidya): Please Click here to know how more about 'vidya' and "Value Trees" - usability, benefits and redemption for school students (Mar'2008) E-Cards: Please Click here to see my e-cards related to education, school management and philosophy for education
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