IMPORTANT: This website is about Me - What I am, what I was and I will be, my journey of life, my perceptions and opinions. In this website I have used my freedom to express myself in a very non-violent and positive way. It is not my intention to offend anyone. At the same time, this web site is not intended for everyone. Views expressed here are personal. I'm not defending, offending or refuting anyone. You don't have to agree with anything. You would agree that every person has a right to think for himself and also express his opinion. This is my website and I fully realize that there may be some people who may not agree to few of the opinions expressed. Some may even find it offensive. Those who are offended easily, I can only request you, suggest you to please shift quickly to another web site. For those who are intolerant of others, please be reminded that internet is incredibly large and this is only one small, insignificant web site. Surely, you can exit it quickly too and find one more to your liking! Thank you.

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