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"Your 100k for a GF, Shocked my mother!" (Anonymous, USA)

"You make me forget the saying, "Never love a stranger!" (Anonymous, India)

"One would have to be crazy or worse to hate your site!" (Anonymous, India)

"I wish if I could punch your nose, so that I could kiss and make it well."

"Giving Money to make a girl friend? Were you born this silly or did you have to practice?" (Anonymous, USA)

"You are a Twit! The most "self-concieted" person ever!" (Shalini,-)

"Wish you were born a few years earlier!" (Elder to you, India)

"First, I wanted you for my friend, now to hell with my friend I want you for myself!"
(Friend, Dubai)

"Once I saw you and a donkey sitting on a fence, then I realised that there wasn't much difference, except that the donkey had more sense!" (Preeti, -)

"Go to Hell!" (Jyoti, -)

"Apples grow in australia, Mangoes grow their too; But it is that to India, to produce a great idiot like you!" (Anonymous, USA)

"Biker Saheb, Duniya ko bhula diya humne uske pyar me, Zindagi bhar baitha raha uske intezaar mein, Use lene ke liye bike lekar aaya tha, Wo chai gayi kisi aaur ki Car mein "
(Another Biker, India)

"In person, I found you different from the impression I got from your website.
You are not an extrovert, you are non-aggressive, not very assertive, little discontented and little low on social intelligence but certainly with high degree of strength of character and success factor. I wish you good luck"
- Philip Carter

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