Please Help Me! My mom says if I don't get a girlfriend soon, she'll put me for adoption!










Nitin is classic but modern. Casual but smart. Unshaven but clean. Not overly Successful but modest. Gentleman by day, philosopher by evening and sometimes pervert by choice in the night. Definitely rebel by fate. One of the lads but loves being himself. He's funny but He can be serious about you! Nitin says, "I am not an actor or a TV Star. I can be a bit immature too. I have had a patch of non-steady jobs but once I commit myself to something, I completely give myself in. I have many plans for life but can be indecisive and vulnerable at times. I don’t run away from being emotional unstable or taking a wrong decision but I stand up for it. I am as human, ordinary and forgettable as any common person next door. Infact, I am strong because I know my weaknesses. I am aware of my flaws and work upon them. There were hard times where I was unable to recognize illusion from reality but I stood up learning from my mistakes. I have felt hate, I have known sadness but I look in the mirror and smile in pride that despite of all the scars and painful bruises backstabbers gave me, I did make it through. I did it. I survived which would have then killed me. Alas I have straightened my crown and decided to walk and live like the king I am. Thank you God for blessing me much more than I deserve!"
Height: 5’8”, Weight: 85-87Kgs, Speaks Hindi and English language (Learning French). Interest: Travelling, Music (Flute, Beginner level) Motorcycle Owned: Royal Enfield Classic Bullet (500cc).
I am not a perfectionist, but my parents are for which, I remain eternally grateful! I stand 5’ 8” tall in my bare feet and look at the world through black-brown eyes. In my eyes, life is to dream and making those dream a reality. I consider myself analytical, humorous, a bit traditional and strongly intrigued by technology. I believe, that scientific outlook need not to be prerogative of scientists alone, after all it owes its origin to human curiosity. Everyone, whether scientists or not are entitled to it. So to expand my horizons I like reading books on anything and everything, also surfing the net. I like listening to music, travelling and photography. I love animals. I do not like Unaffectionate people. In my closed group, I love laughing my heart out and making others laugh with me. Time spent laughing is like time spent with God! I want to help others to the best of my ability. I do not smoke. I do not drink alcohol. I think, satisfaction and joy are many times not at the end of the road but in the way. There is always room for self-improvement in all of us and there are a lot of things I need to work on. Like my habit of nail biting and advising people even when they don't want it. I could exercise and lose some weight to get into better shape. I need to relax more and could always be a better listener. Intelligent conversation and a glimpse of your true self is the most precious gift I can receive from you. You will find me to be open, honest to a fault, fun loving, contemplative, and sometimes just plain silly. Following your heart, praying and being good gives you good results. I have waited for long, would wait for another 30 years if it meant you were there at the end of them. I hope you enjoyed reading this page on my website. You may find some contradictions and surprises in my website with respect to me in person but that’s what I am, there is a bit of childish stubbornness and also shyness in me, next to the mountains of dreams, valleys of surprises and rivers of emotion. A complete little planet in this incomplete universe...a Wonderland. Seek and you shall find... Wanna be the Alice?

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Now.. It's very difficult for anyone to describe himself in an objective and truthful manner without creating false impressions, but here was my attempt. Catch it, Scratch it and if u still aren’t impressed, I think you need a psychiatrist! Think you can keep up with me. Send me your details, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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Rs. 100,000 for a Girl Friend!

Yes, Rs. 100,000 for a Girl Friend! An amount of Rs 100,000 will be awarded to anyone who introduces me to the girl of my dreams! You can donate it to charity if you like! Now, if you think you are the one and we click, you won’t get the amount but you get ME! :)

Statutory Warning: Medical experts advise heart patients and pregnant ladies not to read this article. As the humor, curiosity and excitement may produce excessive pressure on heart, stomach and respiratory system. Resist your urge to kiss the computer screen and make loud ohh's and ahh's. Strictly keep this away from reach of young girls and feminists. Eyes, tongue may pop out drooling and they might get sleepless nights. A few reports about deep crushes have also come in. The worst effected - who could not find any well to fall in, fell in love, with me ofcourse! Jokes apart, my friendship can be habit forming, regular conversations can cause sleepless nights, sweet dreams and increased appetite for my closeness. Other symptoms include falling in love, day dreaming, singing romantic songs whole day and loss of self control. If symptoms persist, just praise me!

Why am I doing this?

The usual comments I get to hear from people are, "What’s wrong with you?", " Are you desperate?", "A good looking and loving guy like you shouldn't have any problems getting a date!"

Let me clarify something: This is NOT about dating or buying love. I am simply trying to find the girl of my dreams. Someone reading this might know a girl who could be compatible with me. I am just giving them friendly incentive to contact me!

Usually we think that "When you least likely expect love, it will happen" and "If you stop looking, it will come to you." But tell me, if I were looking for a house, should I not call a realtor instead of stumbling across the right home? I’m as romantic and perfect as the guy next door, maybe even more! I don’t believe in sitting and waiting for things to happen. Life is short and there is so much to do. God has not gifted us life to hurt or fool others. Life is meant for living and not to see other people live.

I realize that the majority of people reading this won't be compatible with me. If you do this for me you will have saved me a lot of trouble. That's why I'm offering the Rs 100,000. And I promise you that you will receive the reward. Trust me!

What do I look for?

The girl I seek should be genuine with her feelings and should have a sense of traditional values. A dreamer; who has the confidence to turn her dreams into reality no matter what others think. She should be secure, self-respecting, non-judgmental, affectionate, non-smoker, non-alcoholic, down to earth, an animal and nature lover with nothing to hide. Just like an open book. She should have a positive attitude who believes that everything is possible if you strive hard for it. If you find deep conversations stimulating, then I think we could get along!

If personality is important so is the physical attributes. In appearance, she should be very attractive, with long hair preferably and expressive eyes. She should be between 24 - 34 yrs of age and upto 5'5"-5'8" tall. Your responsibilities will include outdoor and indoor activities, watching movies and laughing at my jokes. Prior Experience is not necessary. Freshers will also be warmly welcomed. Your Creativity or Singing Voice will be an added bonus. Here is a thing to keep in mind, even if you are fashion super model, it would mean nothing if we aren’t compatible emotionally. The most beautiful girl of the world will may also lose my interest in 30 minutes, if she's truly not compatible with me!

I believe perfect couples do exist outside the books or movies. In life, they help each other with their perspective, faith, support each other, challenge each other, push each other, pray together and invest for a good future. A partnership that builds a fort of love to live in!

This is just my perception of the girl I think I would be attracted to without making it too restrictive. I have tried my best to be honest. Those who might think that I believe myself to be God's gift to women - You are wrong! I am perfect only for a special girl somewhere out there. Yes, I am a good catch if I'm the kind of man you're looking for. However I can assure you that there are things I need to work on about myself as well. Now, if it feels right, then do Respond! Because no matter how many responses I get, remember they are not YOU! I don’t want to miss the chance of having missed my ‘Alice’.

Dear Future Girlfriend: Now, its your turn! You can email me, about who you are, what you like to do, etc. Also send me a picture of yours. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words! If you want you can also send a recorded voice message, just feel free. I hope that does not sound like filling in application form! :)

But think before you email me your snap. Does that snap you are sending, truly represents who you are? There is nothing to gain by getting me to think you are someone you are not! I have worked hard to portray some aspects of my personality in this site, honestly and truthfully. I hope you realize it’s in the interest of both of us. No one wins if a person is misled. So, my friend, no game players or time-wasters, no lies, no mind games and no cheating!

Remember you have nothing to lose and someone to gain. It does not matter how we meet, only that we do!

"To get her is my dream,
and I believe I can make it true"

What do you think?

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